• Art of Anesthesia

About the project

We were asked to create an identity and website for a new anesthesia services company specializing in quality patient care.

We began the logo design process exploring a number of ideas that were inspired by science, and chemistry in particular —the building blocks of anesthesia study and practice. We worked with the client through a number of iterations to come up with a unique mark that spoke to the science of the practice and the artistry, through refined typography and shape forms.

We then moved on to develop the brand further through the website design process. We explored some ideas around the study of medicine, but settled on a look and feel that worked well with the illustrative logo and one inspired by retro science illustrations from the 1960s.

The final design was a blend of artful design with a scientific feel — which struck the right visual balance for Art of Anesthesia.

artofanesthesia_goldwalllogo copy