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About the project

A selection of original font and typeface designs.

Type design Haext was featured at Typography Served at Behance. Boccaccio was included in the 2015 Trend Bible out of London, a resource for Fortune 500 companies. Maroque was featured as Font of the Day from Creative Bloq.

All fonts are available for sale at my online art and design store @ Custom typographic design is available by request.

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Maroque Stencil
is a geometric decorative display font inspired by the forms and pattern motifs found in Moroccan carpets, artwork and architecture. The stencil version of this font has a more dimensional look to it and includes additional pattern motifs inspired by tapestry and folk art from a wider global culture.

Type DesignType DesignType DesignType Design

is a geometric display font suited for headlines with impact.  The design plays with positive and negative space, playing tricks or ‘magic’ with the eye. Some of the letters glean their look from knobs and transport icons giving the font a look that references audio-visual devices.


is neo-Goth rustic Art Nouveau, part rune part craftsman, this font expresses something different depending on how it’s applied–pair it with black and white or color. Haext comes in four styles, plain, light, bold and pen.


Type DesignType DesignType DesignType Design

is a display font in a geometric style best suited for headlines with impact.


Illustrative TypeIllustrative Type

With Faceplant, mix and match face parts and create a new kind of hipster, monster or household pet. Madonna, metalheads, vampires, kittens, beardies, and nutty professors all represent — you can make a small army with all these options. Think of it as a kind of Mr. PotatoHead for modern times.